Hi folks


Hi folks,

has someone here installed the premium-parts by öhlins? This winter i will go for the big shock with external reservoir, fully adjustable ("road&track"), and also for the cartridge-system. Would like to hear some experiences.

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  • i also have been twice on trackday and tracer was sweet

  • NITRON is the deal.


  • I guess i will write them and ask them if they have a certification that will be accapted here in germany

  • They have.

  • email and they will respond fast. their client support and after sales is excellent. nitron products have more xtra settings than ohlins. but ohlins provide a 5 years limited warranty and ofc a very vast network of specialists / technicians and merchands in every country. also yamaha has them now on their accessories catalogue.

  • yeah. But öhlins cartridge must be serviced every 10000 km, which will cost you 300 € every time. that really is a drawback... ^^

  • Ouch

  • who told this? xaxaxa nah! every 20-30.000 km or every two years. if i recall correctly 20 hours track

  • wrote them an e-mail, hopefully that will be an option. if i can get past spending so much money, i would gladly do so. the important thing for me is, that is is fully adjustable and the bike will get better at handling the extraweight of a pillion. because when my wife rides with me, the bike gets unsettled easily...

  • thats for the shock giorgos. the cartridge-kit must be serviced every 10000 km.

  • Tim Franke tim do you have it somewhere written?

  • Mine get more stable....

  • On a straight line maybe. Push it harde through some twisties and i would wonder if they bike would feel "more stable" with a pillion... fucking hit the ground so hard once i almost crashed

  • Ah, and my wife weighs 50 kg, so...

  • Preventive maintenance and regular inspection

    reduces the risk of functional disturbance. If

    there is any need for additional service, please

    contact an authorised Öhlins service workshop.

    Service Intervals

    This product is designed for racing use only.

    Service and maintenance is recommended

    every 10 hours.

  • Tim Franke mine 85

  • Only in german, it was written in a .pdf where all the service-intervals were written down

  • btw its not very smart to run twisties and pushing to the limit with another person up. better to do this stuff alone. at least this is my humble opinion.

  • Sorry, but then you simply dont ride they way i ride. Hit a bump midcorner when you're scraping with the pegs and that thing will ground so hard it's extremly dangerous.

  • well from english brochure i copied this. it does not mention km or intervals officialy

  • That wasnt really on the limit, until that bumping of the suspension came into play. She likes to ride that way and so do i

  • why have you seen me? i just said i ride like i want when i am soloing not when i have a passenger or the mother of my children aboard

  • I meant dulf, who said it gets more stable

  • Tim Franke i dont hit the twisties hard. A. I would die from the terrible suspension. B. I dont have any nice roads here.

  • let us know what you decide. whatever you choose is far superior than oem crappy shit

  • Yeah, i will post the anwser by nitron here, that might be interesting for others aswell

  • there is a buch of people, specially uk located than prefer nitron. i had also given them feedback from some tests i have conducted and they had told me that they prolly change their datasheet about the springs selection (after my test results).

  • yeah well, it would be awesome if that works out. But i live in germany, and us germans looove our shitty regulations, regulations fucking everywhere... lets see how it plays out

  • Tim Franke you have Autobahn . Be happy brah

  • That's a good point.

  • Tim Franke free speeds is a really desired thing you know

  • Let me tell you, it gets boring when you are used to it. I try to avoid the autobahn when riding my bike

  • But we have some really nice countryroads, the further south you go the better it gets

  • Problem with the ohlins stuff it's not made for you weight. Better off taking bike to a specialist for same money will be designed for you and your riding style

  • Uhm, öhlins can be set up for any weight, thats one of the pros. Btw. Nitron responded, there is no TÜV-certification.

  • What is tüv?

  • "Technischer Überwachungsverein", in english that would be something like "technical controlassociation". Every two years we have to get our bikes and cars there, they will check every little bit of them and only if they give you their ok, you can use it for another 2 years. And they also control every customizing. If you put something into your bike that isn't legal, you loose your "Betriebserlaubnis", which means the permission to use the vehicle... what can be a big problem if you get into an accident.

  • Tim Franke oh wow!

  • Tim Franke we have something similar in sweden! But for cars its every year. And bikes is every second year

  • So all your stuff you wanna do to your bike also needs such a certificate?

  • Wtf that's why Germany ... is Germany5

  • giorgos louverdis: exactly. It's not all bad though... at least every vehicle on the road is safe and has working brakes and so on, not like in the US ^^. But... as it is a german association... everything has to be 100% perfectly controlled... and in situation like this that simply sucks monkeyballs -.-

  • Found a Product that the TÜV will accept, by a german manufacturer. So it will be a fully adjustable Cartridge-kit by HH-Racetech and the premium "road & track" shock by Öhlins.

  • Cost?

  • 750 €

  • Tim Franke not bad!