Hi frns I m from Madurai Tamilnadu. My uncle is having 135 4speed 98 model

Hi frns I'm from Madurai Tamilnadu. My uncle is having 135 4speed 98 model. He didn't renewed fc for last 4yrs. Nw I went to RTO office. They told me ₹50 penalty per day. So the total cost for fc is ₹73000. I don't know weather it is right or not. Is there is any possible to get fitness certificate?

  • 1 Year before there is a fixed charge once the fc is Experied.... If its a single day or 10 Years the fine is 2800/-.now i dont know whats the fine and other formalities(state:Kerala)

  • 300rs per month u have to pay Dude

  • Bro me to from Madurai i have my 5s not renewed for one year the fine rate is 10₹ per day so calculate if you need help regarding this I can refer a driving school in which they could do this for you

  • it's not like that from last Dec 29 per day it's 50rs I think so. for more information ask rto near by u.

  • 300/- permonth

  • It will not cost much brother, contact a good driving school who deal with RTO work.

  • Bro I asked driving school guy he said 300 per month. But RTO said 50 per day for all two and four wheelers even for heavy vehicles also...

  • Not came any rule like 300/month....new rule is 10rs/day

  • any one who can read Hindi? someone fwded this regd the RTO fine being Banned . Pls translate

  • :p both same!

  • For February only 28 days only

  • How u telling both same

  • No Karthi as per RTO 300 only. They calculating month basis. T board vehicle only has day basis

  • 300₹ per month