Hi Guys


Hi Guys

Anyone fitted the Yamaha "Official" racks and panniers and had any problems trying to get the racks on each time?


Roy Maltby

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  • No problem with mine in respect of putting on or off , just my missus doesn't like the fact she can't put the ball of her foot on peg as they sit too far forward , Will be looking at changing for more square or set further back ones ....

  • Having read your post again Roy , I'd be inclined to check you've put the stays on the right side , 8mm is a big miss , mine fit spot on , right in line ....

  • Hi Geoff

    Thanks for the photos

    They reveal exactly what I thought that they would.

    See my pics attached - there is definitely something different with my setup so back to Yamaha to fix

    Thanks for your help.

    P.s. Nearly pushed the bike off it's centre stand trying the lock them in just now!!!!



  • No photos Roy!

  • Hi Geoff

    Don't know why but try again

  • Hi Roy, the bike comes with rack and panniers as standard here in Australia, so i didn't have to fit them, but they are very tight to get on and off, i feel like i need to change into my Superman costume to give me the strength to get them in and out, hopefully they will ease with a little time, good luck with them

  • Hi Mike Dixon

    Just the same then but some people are saying they line up just right. Maybe we have them from the same batch. They can't be right though as they are designed to be quick release!!!!

    I can't even get my locking handle in as I'm a weakling!!!!

  • Locking handles are very stiff on mine as well, never sure if i am about to bust it as i take it off

  • Mine r slightly out I guessed thats why they fitted them rubber mounts so it gives u some flexibility