Hi guys


Hi guys.

I'm having a problem with the throttle on my 2003 Bulldog. It is smooth in operation, but has gone very tight/stiff. The throttle cables have been well lubed but the problem still persists.

Has anyone else come across this??

Is this fix a very technical one, as I have limited mechanical knowledge and facilities.

Many thanks.

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  • Could be the throttle itself on the handlebar. A lot of dirt may have accumulated, and also a lot of people put grease on there for lubrication, which is not a good idea. And after a while it gets sticky and stiff. It has got to be bone dry.

  • Thanks for your thoughts, Aaron Vt. The twistgrip assembly is clean and dry, I checked and cleaned it all when I lubed the cables. My guess is it's something to do with the carbs/throttle bodies. It sounds complicated to me....

  • Oh I see. Yes, it has to be the carbs then. You do need to take off the gas tank and airbox too, but it's no big deal..

  • In spite of lubrication, I'd really wonder if cable hadn't freyed in the sleeve. -You'd know if you held throttle open at carb and see if resistance in cable persists

  • Turns out the problem was a seized throttle linkage between the two carbs, not the cables. All done now and running oh-so sweetly. Incidentally - my Yamaha dealer informs me that official replacement throttle cables are no longer available from Yamaha so this could be a problem for any owners out there. Check your cables, guys, and keep them in good order, just in case....!!!!