Hi Guys great to join the group from Sunny Adelaide in Australia actually it...

Hi Guys, great to join the group from Sunny Adelaide in Australia (actually it is pissing down) as we head into winter. Anyhow, it is like Christmas Eve for me as i pick up my new Tracer tomorrow, don,t think i will be able to sleep tonight !! I have really enjoyed reading all your thoughts and opinions on the Tracer and i look forward to adding a few of my own along with a few pictures tomorrow

  • Welcome to wet and windy UK

  • I am actually from the North of England and been in Adelaide since 1998 and i miss the roads in the UK but got some great winding roads around the Adelaide Hills

  • Welcome mate, hope you're getting the super fast stealth grey! :).

  • Everyone knows the Red ones go quicker... didn,t have a choice as i bought a Demo with only 210 kms on the clock and saved myself a fortune to spend on other bits and pieces for it, will probably have to get the lowering kit and low seat as i am only 5-7, shrinking in my old age

  • Lol, I'm only 5' 7" too. Am ok with it, but when I get my seat sorted I will shave 1/2 off and try that before going lowering route! Must admit I was torn between red & grey. Was put off blue as the forks and wheels don't match! Go for the Akrapovic if you can, sounds amazing, no regrets there!

  • the collars dont much the cuffs........but as along as the ride is good.... :)

  • Stick to talking bikes Mark! :)

  • Seen a couple of You Tube videos with the Akrapovic, sounds beautiful, may purchase further on up the road

  • Welcome

    As and when I get another job the Akra titanium zorst is a back to work treat for me and the bike :-)