Hi Guys has anyone added heated grips to their tracer. if so how do they rate

Hi Guys has anyone added heated grips to their tracer.if so how do they rate.cheers

  • Thanks guys I had oxfords on my blackbird and they were OK But I think I might go for the factory ones cause I think they may be linked to the instrument panel cheers !

  • The factory ones sure get hot, especially the right hand side. Nice thing about them is they integrate into the switchgear and you can set the heat for each of the 3 settings.

  • Yep they are Patrick ....

  • If you order them now , you might just about get them in time for winter ....

  • Does anyone know where the genuine Yam heated grips actually plug into the loom? is it at the front or under the tank?

  • I'm not sure, the dealer did mine, but I believe the plugs are located just below the front right of the tank

  • Good to know this information guys! I ordered mine last week and will fit them myself. They should come with instructions. Hopefully they will be here for my trip in September.

  • Definitely go with genuine Yamaha grips. Right side is a bit warmer than left, but the integration and plug and play install are worth the extra cost IMO. They connect behind the right bodywork near the tank, but tank stays on. Love mine.

  • Thanks, as I may upgrade to the Yamaha ones, I like the idea of controling them from the dash.

  • Its worth insulating the LH bar with tape to prevent uneven grip temperatures, the bar acts as a heat sink.