Hi guys has anyone blacked out your tail light I would like to stay stock or...


Hi guys, has anyone blacked out your tail light? I would like to stay stock or keep something very similar, I just mind the fake chrome bezel.

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  • Plastidip

  • What Richard said :)

  • I did the same thing to most of my chrome

  • did you do this yourself? :o

  • looks perfect

  • Yup, dismantled the tail unit, sprayed it and put it back together. The great thing about plastidip is it's not permanent and you don't need to treat the chrome, you can spray straight onto it without roughening it up.

  • Plasti-dip

  • The best thing about plasti-dip is that you don't have to take it all apart. I sprayed mine on my bike with just the fender protected then peeled the plasti-dip off of the black housing and lens leaving just the chrome covered.

  • what brand did you use? Wondering if Autozone has plastidip

  • They do. That's where I got mine

  • ill watch videos but did you just tape them off and put a few coats on or?

  • I'm blacking out my chrome but wasn't sure about doing the tail light. Seeing them done I just might. Has anyone done their gas cap? My Bolt is blue, really not sure if I should, might keep the chrome on it.

  • Yeah, that's exactly what I did. Tape everything off and spray. The only thing I took off was the headlight bezel but did the tail light bezel and speedo bezel in place.

  • I didn't do the gas cap because I was worried that it wouldn't last with the moving door for the key.

  • I did mine. I have a little chrome showing because I didn't take time with my exacto knife to separate the two pieces. Going to try again.