• Hi guys my Bulldog seems to pull to the left if I take my hands off the bars...

    Hi guys, my Bulldog seems to pull to the left if I take my hands off the bars, also it prefers left hand corners to right hand corners. Steering head is not tight and brakes are not binding. Any thoughts or do all Bulldogs pull to the left?


    • I think you have a problem that need to be fixed cos a bulldog dont do this. Its a real railway !

    • Mine does that as well..

    • I wonder if one fork leg is set v slightly different length to the other

    • It feels like it Andrew but I've measured everything plus the oil quantity is correct in each leg. I'm wondering if my forks are bent. Will pull the front wheel out tomorrow and get the forks on the bench to check straightness

    • Unless it's twatted a kerb and bent the front spindle

    • Mine also pull left when i let handlebars go. I thought it was down to driveshaft and enginebreaking when letting throttle go....

    • Are the tyres ok ? Have they been correctly balanced ? Have you tried to drive on the right side of the road to see if the road surface angle don't affect that. To have a proper test you need to split your body weight equally LH and RH foot peg and that't pretty difficult to do that.

    • Try new set of tyres. Make huge difference with mine. Worth to trying.

    • Back tyre is very squared off so could be a factor. Have only had the bike for a month so still getting used to various things!

    • 100% I'd say, squared off tyres really follow road camber