Hi has anyone on the group fitted 1100 cams to the 1200 engine and what were...

Hi has anyone on the group fitted 1100 cams to the 1200 engine , and what were the results ? Thanks in advance

  • There's no difference from one to the other.

  • Sorry but there is a slightly different profile... as the 11 "sports bike" turned into the 12 "sports tourer" they changed the profile....at least in the UK. They may still be interchangeable

  • Okay the little difference I doubt you'd feel. But it deff fit. You want biggest difference go xjr they are a bit different also.

  • I was led to believe the 1100 had slightly different cams , at least on europe/uk and i believe back in the day some owners retro fitted them in the 1200 to pep them up a bit also to allow the 1200 mill to run cooler

  • Poss I know nothing about non us models.

  • All interchangable. Same part number 84-93 intake and exh. http://www.2wheelpros.com/oem- parts/1986-yamaha-fj1200sc-cam shaft-chain-assembly.html

  • No worries Bob , the Japs quite often tweak model for your side of the pond ☺

  • Something I found on xjr1300 site uk.

    Just sharing can't find back up.

    If only you had been here a couple of years back. I had done a lot of searching for cam info on loads of different forums. Most was put into practice on my 1300 and most came frome FJ sources. What I found out, and I should say I am not an expert in any of this its just what I tried and tested,

    Is this;

    FJ1100 cams will give you more lift and more top end...BUT only UK spec, possibley euro as well. The USA spec bikes had milder cams fitted, the same profile as later fitted to FJ12, XJR12 and the XJR13. I do not know were Aus fit in.

    Most of my gains were found with FJ1100 cams, slotted cam sprockets and the lobe centers set 104 to 106 degrees. I did have a go with the exhaust timing set to standard settings (dots) and the inlets advanced. This did give a noticable surge in top end but the engine ran very hot and in the intrest of saving the engine I did not run like that for long.

    And also (but I can not back this up with any hard evidence) I was lead to belive that Kent based thier FJ1200 street profile on the stock FJ1100 (UK) camshaft.

    I have saved some hard copy of the info I collected, Somewhere! So any question give me a shout and I will attempt to answer.

  • The lads that do sprinting use the 1100 cams ! Don't ask me ask jeeves, lol, or Google !