Hi I d like some information from the more experienced ones I m from Brasil...


Hi, I'd like some information from the more experienced ones. I'm from Brasil and I'm planning a long trip to Ushuaia - Alaska - Ushuaia with my girlfriend and my Midnight Star 950. My weight is 55 kg and my girlfriend about the same, I really want to buy a cargo trailer when I arrive in USA to help us distribute the weight (here in Brasil we don't have a cool or good cargo trailer, if we did, it'd be like US$3.000 the ones that in USA cost US$1.400 and in much lower quality), I've seen some that I liked and they weight 90 kg.

My doubt: me + girlfriend + trailer = 200 kg + 15 or 20 kg from luggage (estimating). Is that too much for my motorcycle? The manual says that the carrying weight is 180 kg, but I thought that this means 180 over the bike, or does it mean that is the recommend weight for pushing?

Thank you guys for the attention and sorry for my English that is not so good.

Have a nice week. \o/

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