Hi i need a new or used v boost control on my 86mod v max dose anyone hav one...

Hi, i need a new or used v-boost control on my 86mod v-max. dose anyone hav one for sale?

  • Hi friend my v boost control get damaged and i take it to the electricician and its easy to repair. I think you should try..

  • Angelo Scarlato, do you have fenders?

  • I have tank cover. Manual and some other small parts

  • david: what kind of electrician fixed youre v-boost control.

  • angelo: do you have a -v-boost control unit ?

  • An electronic

  • Stefan my v boost control burned a resistance and a condensator him replace them 2 years ago and till now it is working very good

  • Stefan Bomnes ye i got one they are well worth the cash and ajustable i have mine set at 5k revs and the board is covered in resin to protect the electrics

  • Thanks Rab:-) think i will go for that one.