hi riders I m facing handling problem When i apply front break the handle...

hi riders, I'm facing handling problem. When i apply front break, the handle shakes as if the bike will slip. I used to break at 100kmph but now even at 50kmph, the handle shakes.

another thing, my handle is left aligned instead of middle, how to correct it. Yamaha says fork alignment will cost 800rs. What to do

  • if its in warranty then why pay 800rs??

    i think the only time we have to pay in free service is when some parts needs to be replaced which do not come under warranty..

  • I agree with Danish... And Prerak.. if its the handle problem consider getting the handle replaced... its not very expensive.. costs somewhere around Rs100-500.. max. cause after one of.my accidents i got it replaced. and it feels fine....

  • or there is another solution too!!! The handle can be tightened by the service technicians.. i again faced this similar problem but again the technician fixed it himself..... is it some kind off breaking sound that u hear with the handle??

  • i have replaced handle, it costs rs356. Yes, it is breaking like sound but it's gone but the only thing is my bike can turn or cut more on left than right

  • Sirjee.. your suggestions?? Koushik Paul

  • Open the entire handel assembly and refit it using new ball bearings and alignment holders. I guess the guy hit a pot hole in high speed or dropped his bike somewhere by someone uninformed about the incident.

    And if you can by a 1 lakh bike I guess you have 800rs to fix a damn fu****g handle

  • i can give 800rs but the fact is yamaha service men can't even fix the breaking sound and i got it done in local market for 50rs...okay...i have replaced handle also. It's not a f*****g big deal for me to even spend spend 8000 on my bike....

  • The problem is service centre, they are just a**h***s. It's been 5times that i visited them apart from service but still they are not sure what's the problem.

  • Prerak which is this service center?? Green yamaha? cause those guys are plain rude!!!!

  • I am also facing same problem...I've consulted with my technician, he told that during mantle of new bike they might have miss tighten the fork...once we ride that misaligned fork it causes wear and tear after some times which leads to this shaking sound....either re-fitting or replacement of fork! will be the good solution...Yamaha service person have refitted mine

  • yes yes yes green automobiles....they are a piece of bullshit