Hi When i accelerate it feels like the cluch slips tahhometer rises but the...


Hi. When i accelerate, it feels like the cluch slips (tahhometer rises, but the speed dont). Has anyone this problem also? Any help is good

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  • I had a same problem last year (only in the 4&5th gear, 130000 km), clutch replace is the solution. The factory replace kit is relative cheap.

  • Try adjusting the actuation rod behind the case where the clutch cable goes. You have to undo 3 Allen bolts, as the plates wear the rod holds them apart giving clutch slip. Think you loosen the lock nut then using a flat blade adjust the rod so you can just feel pressure, then loosen half a turn. Hold the flat blade as you do up the lock nut. If that doesn't work then it's plates.

  • Very good Ben Denyer.

    But first give the cable at the handle more free play.

    Than after adjusting the the rod adjust the cable free play.

    Slippery clutch could also exist through using car oil or full synthetic oil.

  • I once forgot that and there was no free play to adjust at the handle bar.

    A learning moment.

  • Have to love the learning moments!

  • Mine did the same at 32000 miles [when I bought it] put new plates in and it's sound as A pound.

  • Is it hard to put new plates in your self?

  • No dead easy just look on youtube that will show you how to do it, just make sure you get a new gasket.

  • What do i search for on Youtube.. Tried yesterday

  • Cant get on youtube at mo but try putting clutch repacement Yamaha xv1100, it' s basically the same engine.