Hi ya Boyz n Galz. What if


Hi ya Boyz 'n' Galz! What if...

What if you'd have a spare tank lying around and you don't really have a good idea what to do with it? So here's my question to you: What should I do with my spare tank? (except selling it to you ;-) )

Any wild idea (modding / painting / etc) is welcome... Eventually with photo example.

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  • Mount it as second tank on BT :D... you wanted a wild idea

  • "Eventually with photo example" Sasha...

  • AJ AJ asked what colour the tank has: Blue stone... But the rest of my bike isn't

  • Ah okay, i have a black one but it is a little bit damaged.. Thats why i asked haha

  • The spare tank has a dent too... But nothing that can't be fixed. If it has to be fixed at all. I might not have to, if, for example, I would decide to alter the shape of the tank, or add some 'air intakes'. Like I said (or maybe did not literally say, but meant to say): The sky is the limit!

  • Marco Niemeijer asked (in Dutch) if I wouldn't sell it to him anyway. (His reaction has probably been deleted by our host Robert Jadeborg, for not applying to the forum rules). So please... All postings and reactions in English only!

    But Marco... No, I'm not selling! (Although, there's always a right price for everything...

  • haha whats youre price for the tank with a dent?

  • Name your price and I'll probably tell you it's not quite what I had in mind... I actually like the idea of modding the tank.

  • Come on everybody... You must have some good ideas! Please share them with us!

  • my tank (i have bleu) is not in normal state anymore (accident , magnets etc) i am.thinking to mke the bike an other coller this winter . but dont know what coller, but bleu no more . ideas always welcome also

  • I Would paint this on mine:)

  • NeXT mod on my dog anyway:)

  • let me use it as a mould to make a carbon cover ;)

    as a reward you may come over all the way from your house to mine (250 meters) to get it back hahaha

  • Don't sell it to me - make it a gift to me ;)

    But to be serious ... make it a gift to me!

    And if not: try to change shape, make it more wide and integrate the indicators (blinker), see the Benelli

    http://p5.focus.de/img/fotos/crop859366/0122716225 -w1200-h627-o-q75-p5/112148-Fahrbericht-Benelli-Tn T-899s-Italienisches-Spassgeraet.jpg