How many quarts if oil does a yamaha vstar 650 take and will 10 30 b good


How many quarts if oil does a yamaha vstar 650 take and will 10-30 b good

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  • Craig.. you're looking for the JASO MA cert. That's approved for wet clutches. I have run it in every bike I own.

  • However.. I'd run the thicker 15w-50 not 5w40

  • Sorry.. Bryan Smith see above.

  • Manual on my 1100 says 10/40 or the Yamaha stuff, no mention of 20/50 at all

  • this is good to know i have to change mine this weekend

  • Joe Keener it says that cause of the wet clutch, there is no real reason to use yamalube. A higher viscosity oil is going to better coat your engine and protect from wear and tear. U can get Mobil 1 synthetic 20w50 at advance auto parts for like $8 a quart, u have to make sure it's for a wet clutch though. I would never run yamalube or a lower weight then what I use, it's to hot here in GA and sitting at a red light in 100 degree weather my bike runs cool and smooth.

  • Guys. JASO MA is the cert on any oil regardless of what it days it's for, that is approved for motorcycles with wet clutches.

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  • It is real simple. Not rocket science. Go to the web site that Kris Crane has provided earlier in this discussion and it layes it out so easy a caveman could do it. The web page is for an 1100 but the oil information is the same.

  • My owners manual, does say 20/40 though