How much does a 2005 Yamaha ar210 go for. Just like the one from the pic


How much does a 2005 Yamaha ar210 go for ? Just like the one from the pic

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  • Buy a 23-24 footer

  • Thank you guys I really appreciate the advise

  • It really depends on your vs demand. In TX older Yamahas sell above Avg retail, other areas below I said...condition...

  • That boat is 10-12k around here, all day long. I bought an 04 in 07 for $11.5 and sold it over a year later for $11k. I still see them for the same prices and sometimes more.

  • I'm noticing that it all spends what area your located

  • I've got a xr1800 for sale for $8500

  • 2001

  • One thing to ponder as well that I have not heard anyone mention is that boat, I believe, is a 2 stroke. With that said, a lot of lakes are outlawing them unless you're gonna put it in salt. Then it doesnt matter.

  • Really? I thought that was only at National Parks. Where else?

  • That doesn't look like a 21 foot boat!!!

  • 19' plus 2' swim deck

  • Wow I didn't know this

  • Agree, it may only be national parks now, but I would guess it will happen everywhere else eventually.

  • Also to that point, why buy a boat that you may not be able to use? This could be the reason that person is selling that one in the first place. I would check in your area where you may boat if there are any restrictions, then make your ddcision bazed on that. Hope this helps.

  • I don't see it being across the country. The 2-stroke policy was because of jet skiiers being idiots from what I remember. There are way to many 2 stroke boat motors to do this nationwide, and they are still sold brand new. With that said, I understand your position.

  • Yamaha has come a long way in their design.