How much more power do you get if you send your stock blaster cylinder to Ken...


How much more power do you get if you send your stock blaster cylinder to Ken OConnor to have it ported? Is it worth it? Does it affect jetting or anything else?

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  • Huge power difference. Best bang for your buck. Send your head too.

  • I've never done this before... does it affect anything like jetting or anything else? Does it get more snappy too?

  • Well worth it, you will not be disappointed.

  • Yes you'll have to rejet. And the effect it has depends on the kind of port work you have done as it's done to suite the style of riding. You would want trail port.

    You'll notice the difference. It'll be more than just snappy. You need a good pipe to go with it. Stock will restrict it.

  • I have an fmf gold series on mine

  • You may not need to re jet with the FMF, a plug chop should be done to confirm the AFR.

  • I run one of those aswell. Toomey is better but you'll rip with an FMF too. Great low end grunt.

  • How much depends on the porting. And it effects everything. Pipe, jetting,compression sometimes carb and gearing and if you really hog it out it needs more timing.

  • We've ported hundreds of Blaster cylinders. The reviews and dyno numbers speak for themselves. The cylinder and head mod were independently dyno tested by a shop in Oregon. The customer was running an aftermarket pipe, and stock carb. He pulled 28 HP. A stock engine is right around 15 – 17 HP. The dyno sheet can be found on The Blaster Forum. Trust me Boss, you'll feel a big difference in power.

  • It was funny to see him tag you and then ask a group about you when your work speaks for its self. Good work cost money if you dont wanna spend the money be content with what you have

  • Was he running the stock carb Ken OConnor just jetted?