How to stop this


How to stop this

I given to service to repair this . even its coming out

i don't know its oil or petrol

%d comments
  • no way from there its oil

  • how to solve this problem ?????

  • change the oil seal

  • how much its cost bro and its definitely stops this

  • It's petrol dear frnds ..........

    Because our motorcycles uses petrol as fuel not diesels

    Diesel engines are high efficient when compared to petrol engines .......

    Diesel engines consumes less fuel and produce more work is done but petrol engine absorb more fuel to to more work

    As I said that petrol engines are not efficient as diesel engines some fuel is wasted and unbrunt that's the reasons we observe

  • Dear Churchill Lou Hain why to change oil seal and there are any problems if not

  • It is a exhausted gas vapour

  • it's normal....

    already check out.

  • Same issue in my bike too

  • Same problems at fz 2.0