How would I no if I need a speedometer cable or speed sensor i unhooked the...


How would I no if I need a speedometer cable or speed sensor. i unhooked the speed cable from the gauge rotated the wheel and it wasn't turning at the gauge end. engine light stays on and code is 42 speed sensor

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  • could refer to engine speed sensor not speedometer - the speedo isnt electrically attached to anything i thought

  • You have a broken speedo cable.

  • I called the yamaha shop they said they don't no anything about a speed sensor. He said there isn't anything electronic hooked to the speedo cable. If that's the case how does the ECU recognise that the cable is broke. Thanks again

  • ^ That's what I'd think - but I could be wrong. I don't think the ECU would have any idea or problem with a broken speedo cable. I think it's telling you something else, like perhaps the crank position sensor? (which the ECU uses to determine engine speed, I think). I'm just shooting in the dark here but that's my current understanding of the machine.

  • And the shop says they don't no anything about the sensor

  • I had a moment to look at the manual, and there's a separate code for the crankshaft position sensor, code 12. Code 42 indeed simply does say "speed sensor" and so I can't think of what else it would mean besides the speedometer. It does say that you can still start the engine and drive the thing with code 42... obviously if it the result of a broken speedo cable the speed gauge won't be live.

  • Ya, The speed sensor is in the speedometer housing.

  • After taking the wheel off and looking and the brake hub assy I found that the drive gear and the meter gear were locked up from dirt and rust. Cleaned everything put it together with a new speedo cable and the check engine light was still on. Drove about 5 feet and it went off. Everything is fine now. Thanks for all your help