Howdy ladies and fellers question When they balance a motorcycle tire is it...


Howdy ladies and fellers... question: When they balance a motorcycle tire, is it done on the bike or off the bike?

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  • Beads! I use these and the best balanced tire at the shop is over with as soon as you skid or pick up little rocks etc. the originated in rv tires. Great for my jeep tires too

  • Are they legal everywhere? I have never heard of them! I asked a few people I was out with tonight and they haven't heard of them either! How have I gone this long without knowing about these things! Are they actually safe? (I'm sure they are, but do they give issues of any kind?) I am surprised they are not more known around here.

  • Interesting +1 of Christina questions

  • I did some googling. There is a lot of skepticism of their actual benefits/reliability

  • Ya... I found pretty mixed reviews for sure.

  • I kno one guy that uses them(beads) on his bike but from what I understand the were made for oversized truck tires

  • Oh, that's interesting. . What's he say about them

  • He likes them but they balance after like 25mph

  • 40 kmph

  • Dyna beads apparently work. I have not tried them but have head good reviews. Not really sure about this one though