I always herd u guys sayg u beat the shit outta HDs on the road never really...

I always herd u guys sayg u beat the shit outta HDs on the road, never really one to hot dog it... I just embarrassed a brand new HD bagger! Lol went on the on ramp and saw him coming, he gassed it to catch me and failed, I slowed down due to traffic and he raced around the on ramp so I tagged along and walked away from the HD wearing sucker! Felt good gotta say!

  • Nice! My brother has a brand new Street Glide with a stage 1. That thing is seriously fast, I'd say we're pretty even even he can get away from me in first!

  • This was a road glide, had the twin headlights. Very nice ride!

  • Last summer in Pigeon Forge a guy on a Orange and Black Screaming Eagle Street Glide rolled up next the wife and I while we were on our Raider. He had a passenger as well. I had no intention on doing anything until he kept revving his engine and looking over at us. I gave one rev, a node and tapped the wife on the leg. She wrapped her arms around tight, the light went green and we were gone. Not even close. I thought he would be next to us for a bit. Nope. I started pulling on him half way through first and it only got worse as we went through the gears. Half way third I say we had a bus length on him. Next light he turn right only to what I assume was a way to avoid us at the light. Luckily we got away with it in that town.

  • My buddy was following in my truck, said the dude kept leaning fwd under the windshield as he attempted to catch up! Lol

  • lol...Yeah he tried the same thing when I looked over at him once. We made no attempt to get out the wind. All throttle got the job done for us.

  • The Raider Rocks, love blowing off Hardleys

  • Just curious....

    How do you guys do vs the Victory's ? I have a buddy with a SG, all modded up ( $$$$)

    And another with a Victory Cross Country, with slight mods. No contest... Victory walks his ASS on a regular basis .

    My R* ain't in the race....:-)

  • Not many Victory's around here, never had one roll up on me. Honestly I like all bikes (partial to my Raider tho). Its the fuckin attitude of the HD guys. Just cause they spend double..or more...ain't no better than me...or you...or anyone else. Ride on, be safe!