I apologize ahead of time for the silly questions but I m a fairly new rider...

I apologize ahead of time for the silly questions, but I'm a fairly new rider and my 2014 Bolt is my first bike. I've been riding around for a few months now and it feels great around the city, but the few time I have taken it in the highway I feel very unstable in regards to the wind. Is this normal and just a matter of getting use to it?

  • 11) Puts a huge smile on your face.

  • Cool man, ride what ya like buddy. But, my Gunner will be whispering you sweet nothings from up here in Wisconsin....

  • They eventually made the right choice. I'm a hard person to convince too. I had to read through hundreds of positive feedback posts about it before I did it. I wish I would done it day one.

  • I'm not a bike programmer, but I have programmed quite a few cars. IMHO, both are helpful. A tune like Ivan's deals with theoreticals and doesn't "learn" based on feedback. It's a good thing and gets past what the factory has intentionally detuned for many reasons, but it doesn't automatically adjust for changes. That's why I say a fuel tuner is also necessary. It obviously doesn't change spark or associated curves, but it does read exhaust (and in some cases acceleration and similar) and adjusts mixture and duration of injection for better performance.

  • Don't tease yourself

  • What bothers me most is how much more difficult it is to equip yourself to tune a bike than a car. OBDII for all of its negatives gives one near complete control over their engine and much much more. Might be the only good thing about government regulation...

  • Since the dawn of man?

  • Love that gunner look and size. Scheduled a ride for this coming Tuesday when the demo truck arrives at my local Victory dealer. Broke my right foot day before yesterday In a non-bike related accident. Just my luck...now I have to wait 7 weeks minimum before I can ride any bike. Bummer.

  • Maybe it's a sign from baby jesus

  • Lucas Carlson a full and speedy recovery is the sign I'm looking for.

  • Just as they do in automobiles. Not only do they have to sacrifice performance for emissions and economy and the like, but they do things like limit torque in order to lower warranty costs. I understand it, but I think (and this really makes me angry) that the few who choose to tune their own should be left alone. I can't believe the EPA wants to ban certain changes for racecars built from production vehicles. We've let things go much too far.

  • Gunner Prim you know me, I'm just a sack of crazy nuts.

  • Yup, that's what a 135kph wind feels like. Add side winds to the experience and it can get quite exhausting over a long distance. It is what it is. Wear ear plugs, they will help you concentrate better.

  • Relax dude

  • Power through

  • c est juste une question d habitude