I can use this. minus the mainjet. to rebuild my 225 carb correct


I can use this (minus the mainjet) to rebuild my 225 carb correct?

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  • Yes i do it for my 83 ytm 200

  • That's it!!

  • You can also go to your local Yamaha dealer and save a few more bucks.

  • I always ask for a 99 YFM Carb rebuild kit.

  • My closest Yamaha dealer is 50 miles away lol

  • I'll still have to eventually go to get the main jet tho

  • You can get a main jet online, at a place like partzilla.com. So you don't have to drive 50 miles

  • I just remembered there's a cycle shop about 20 away from me who can get parts for any bike, I went ahead and ordered the timberwolf kit, what size main do I need with cobra pipe or is stock ok?