• I come home from work went to open my garage and about busted my ass thanks to...

    I come home from work went to open my garage and about busted my ass thanks to this 236miles and she gone hope my warranty don't mind the snorkels smh note self a 48qt cooler with 2 cases of beer and a handle of crown black is to much weight I guess. Busted shock

    • 3 Weeks!! Oh no I'll buy a set of used shocks lol anyone know if the yxz will work on the wolverine?

    • Doubt it there damn huge best i remember and u probably will have to spend 1000 a piece for them

    • Shi

    • See if fox makes a shock for the wolverine first.

    • Just got off the phone with two yamaha dealers and it's not covered because I have rims and 27" kenda executioners I didn't even say I had snorkels lmao.. so I spent 14k for an as is brand new sxs thanks yamaha

    • Sounds like you need to talk to different dealers.. Every time mine goes in the shop they put stock tires and rims on and pull my snorkels for me to get my shit covered

    • Or they'd rather sell me a $450 then do warranty work.

    • I'm not driving 3hrs to the next dealer. Thank god I didn't buy that extended warranty they said would cover everything no matter what mods was done to it

    • That sucks man I have used the shit out of my extended warrenty

    • Funny thing is everyone complains about honda's warranty. Took mine to honda with outlaws,snorkel,radiator relocation,wheel spacers and it was oh no problem will cover that.. oh well disappointed in yamaha i may trade it into honda.seeing how I don't even have 300 miles on this and they say oh sorry buddy but your SOL

    • Yamaha is pretty good at covering stuff man it all comes down to the dealer