I don t know much about the mechanical aspect of motorcycles and cars and stuff...

I don't know much about the mechanical aspect of motorcycles and cars and stuff, I just know how to drive and ride them. Anyways my bike is having a difficult time getting from first to second smoothly both up and down. Up is worse than down. It's grinding really badly and sometimes doesn't even go. I'm assuming it's in need of a new clutch. I've got just over ten thousand miles on the bike and I would assume it's the original clutch. That seems like a long time. My other thought is I'm pretty sure my chain is bone dry. (will lube in off season) could that be the issue rather than my clutch? No lube to make a clean jump through neutral? Help me out people! Sorry about the paragraph

  • I have my dad and one of my neighbor has a couple sport bikes. I'll just check the cable tension and go from there

  • Yeah and have them ride it too to see what they think. More minds are much better than just one. Good luck man.

  • Thanks

  • No prob. and one more thing...... Chain lube is cheap. Get your shit taken care of before you post on the side of the road about how your shit broke. :-)

  • Yeah desmond already told me that

  • Yeah chain lube is a regular necessity - like once or twice a month if you ride regularly particularly in the wet or sandy/dirty conditions. It's a simple and pretty quick job. Take pride in your clean shiny lubed chain!

  • 500 miles like clockwork. In rain, even more frequent.

  • Esssh, I didnt consider human error. LOL. I for one uses the no clutch shifting but I will ALWAYS use the clutch from 1st - 2nd because of the fact that neutral is in between the two gears.

  • I was able to do it a few times with out the clutch and it was smoother than with clutch. My dad always told me it's not a good idea too but I had to at least try it a couple times

  • my 1-2 shifts are a bit clunky too, but not grinding, unless I dont do it correctly going down.....I lube chain if the rollers look dry, period, I dont want a chain breakage, that will f*ck sh!t up for sure bro