I encountered three couples on 30. 000 fully dressed Harley s yesterday

I encountered three couples on $30.000 fully dressed Harley's yesterday. All three dudes were in shorts & sneakers. There passengers were in shorts & flip flops. I was waiting to enter a four lane in town. 35 mph zone. I pulled out behind them and followed for a mile or so. Oh they were in single file in the center of there lane. We were aproching a red light. A car got between the second & third bike. Then the first two bikes go to make a left hand turn. They went in turn lane. The car followed as did the third bike. All of a sudden the third bike came back into my lane. I was expecting these idiots to do something stupid. This fuck stick didn't even look in his mirror. He was to worried about catching up with his buddies. Like I said the light was red. I was going straight, so I had a chance to pull up beside them. I told the moron on the third bike. " Hey Junior, if ya want to get you lady home in one piece, you need to start Payin' attention to what is going on around you. These guys were in there mid 40's. they weren't kids. Well the light turned green and I blasted off. The moral of this story is, you need more than a big expensive bike to make you cool. Ride safe my friends!