I figured I d post up a photo of my new FJ What a beautiful bike I d call it...


I figured I'd post up a photo of my new FJ. What a beautiful bike. I'd call it a 9.5 out of 10. So much nicer than my 1990 was even before I low sided it.:-)

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  • Thanks Fred for the confirmation. I was thinking that it may be. Comfortable and worth the $ for the upgrade?

  • The engine guards on Joseph's bike look pretty sweet also

  • I like the comfort of the Corbins. Some people over 6 feet tall don't care for the lower seat height. I have 2 seats. The one pictured above and a Corbin Gunfighter. Both are about the same for the rider. The Gunfighter is generally hated by passengers.

  • Joseph Berk, I may plan a weekend at the Hub in late September. Would be great to have you and your beautiful new ride join me.

  • Fred Greenlee, what is the date in September? I gotta ask, have you heard about the Twisty Butt ride September 19th?

  • Dean Duggins, I find the Corbin much more comfortable than the stock seat. If I am going to get out for more than a ride to the store, my Moto-Skivees go on. They make about as much difference comfort wise as the Corbin. I think it will make 500 miles in the Ozarks in 12 hours possible.

  • Very cool. The Ozarks is where I grew up. Mountain Home, AR is my hometown. Also lived in Harrison for 7 years. I've looked at the Corbin. Sure wish I could find a used one in good shape. Lol

  • Dean, I found one on Craig's list a couple of months ago, and put it on my 1990 FJ. It is pretty rough, you can see where the PO used some kind of vinyl repair on some cracks. Fortunately, it came with the backrest, where my 1993 did not. I plan on sending the backrest to Corbin to get recovered to match my new seat. Would you be interested in the old Corbin without the backrest? I think I'm going back to stock on the 1990 and will try to sell it.

    It sounds like we should try to get you to come back home and have another FJ Mini Central Rally.

  • The 2014 Mini FJ Central rally in Marble Falls, AR.

  • I hated that I couldn't make that Rally.