I find as I ride more post more answer more that a lot of ya become that biker...


I find as I ride more, post more, answer more, that a lot of ya become that "biker gang" of friends that I think we all strive to have. I'm sure we all ride together with other people or even with some of us up in here. I've been a part of this group for a year now. A lot of people have come and gone. I'm hoping that those who went got another bike and that's why. I've gained a shitload of knowledge, grown my friends list, and hopefully helped some of you out with your questions. So from here in my part of the globe, just wanted to say thanks to all who contribute, those who have helped me, and those who have become my friends. (No I'm not going anywhere nor am I drunk)

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  • Haha I made it to someone's dream! Success! Hopefully I was doing some bad ass bike moves, taking it off some "sweet jumps....get like 3 feet of air" ;) hahaha. If y'all made the trek to my neck of the woods that's reason enough to party! And no one parties harder than a Newfie! We have George street. It has the most bars and pubs per square foot of any street in North America. We like to party :P

  • Shit you're even farther than Kelly...... I swear one day when I'm rich, I'm just gonna hop on a plane and fuck with people. :-p I don't remember sweet ass jumps, sorry...... :-p

  • I do remember someone speaking french..... and I was mad cause I can't understand that shit..... lol!!!!

  • Damnnnn ittt no sweet ass jumps! Haha I speak French. I'll keep that in mind in case me and Kelly want to give you a hard time :P

  • Oui! On peut parler de lui sans problème.

  • Woot I made it to the dream party! Hells yeah my day is complete now I'm getting all types of good news today!

  • Why thank you Kelly!!!! I know I'm fucking awesome!!!! I only speak 2 languages........ English and fuckedupaneese...... which is English, only the way I want to speak and spell it..... shut it kelly.....

  • (y)

  • Jeff Boswell I'm kinda freaked out I was in your dream

  • U should be.....