I got me a flat tire. Yay. Did really well on the trails today

I got me a flat tire. Yay. Did really well on the trails today.

  • 12v mini air compressors are extremely handy to have with you, harbor freight has em for about $20, I just cut the round plug off and spliced alligator clamps on it. And I keep a bottle of tire slime with me on long trail rides, if you pop a tire, pour the slime in and fill er back up, you'll have fill it up again in a few minutes until it seals the hole, but when you're out 20 miles from anywhere, anything beats walking

  • Ya my lady and I go from Lyons Lake to Sandbar Flat. California. It's like 20 to 30 miles one way. A foot pump will work too but it takes a lot longer

  • Allen Balkema. what r you running the air compressor on?

  • Whoevers four wheeler has the biggest battery on the trip, but just clip the alligator clamps on the pos/neg terminals of the battery and away you go. I've done off the warrior before but I've never turned it off for fear of draining the battery.

  • Huh. So a 6 v battery will run a 12 v air compressor. I'm pretty sure my bikes got a 6 v battery in it. I've never tried it be 4

  • dont use slime on front tires. when i got my warrior tires never leaked and when i just cruised along no leaks but every time i went 50 mph the front tire would go flat i didnt get it so when i took it off to tube it it was full of slime everytime i got to a certain speed the tire would oblong and must have broke the bead enough to loose air pressure

  • I carry plugs, pump, master links, duck tape wrap it like a credit card. The pump just cut the cigarette lighter part off n get 2 clips hook it 2 the battery

  • Warriors Are 12v

  • I put slime in my wolverine tire I put a nice slice in it has like 12 plugs it would leak if I hit a big bounce. Put the slime in n it still holds up no problems even with the cold still up

  • I used the mini air compressor. Already got one