I got my blaster motor bored 20 over anything else I should do performance...


I got my blaster motor bored.20 over anything else I should do performance wise? Already have a FMF powercore 2 pipe with FMF gold series exhaust.

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  • What year chassis

  • I belive 99-00

  • Add disc brakes all the way around

  • What's a brand to go with?

  • To be honest .20 over isnt a performance upgrade! Having a port and polish job would b an upgrade!

  • I'm just seeing what else would be good to do that's all. Just looking for some input for other blaster fans.

  • I have a full hydro setup for sale. I honestly don't know what a good price to ask for is though.

    It's off an 06, but I have the carrier too so you can swap the carrier and that will allow the hydro caliper to go on the older body style.

  • Dion Braud

  • Boyesen reeds and a nice uni filter, ditch the lid or drill holes and it, rejet and ride that sucker

  • Mike Harpster to upgrade the reeds is a port and polish needed?

  • Not needed, but without it it's not going to make a huge difference in performance. The really nice reed cages better compliment the port work more than make power.

    One of the guys here explained all the reed setups really well a couple weeks ago I think it was Mike Pozzuto.

  • 88-02 old body(cable brakes)

    03-06 new body(hydro)

  • Still the axle and disc/disc hub

  • Nathan Adams the carrier slide right on the axle right?

  • You slide the axle out of the cartier

  • Did you re jet the carb and do a plug chop to confirm the air fuel ratio?

  • Yeah I'm saying when you put the hydros on the old style the new carrier will slide right on he doesn't need an 03-06 axle rogh6?

  • It needs an 03-06 axle too

  • Terry Preston no I didn't

  • Mike Harpster what are you asking for the set up

  • Nick Brace haven't decided on a price, I've been looking for other full setups for sale to compare to but I honestly can't find any.

  • Make an offer man worse I can say is no.

  • I have No idea what their worth let me know when you come up with a number

  • You should

  • Okay sounds good and what do you mean by a plug chop?

  • Just for reference

  • Yeah for the banshee carrier I know you need the banshee axle. Is that what Nick was saying?

  • I have a complete 06 in parting down, if I'm not mistaken the 06 axle is the same as every other year axle, so the carrier should be interchangeable as well.

  • A banshee carrier will not fit a blaster swingarm

  • I know the banshee carrier won't.

  • But the 06 carrier will fit the 88-02 axle.

  • Yes

  • Richard Schuyler

    Before you make the plug chop run it is important that the float level is correct, the idle is set correctly and there are no air leaks in the system, otherwise the smoke ring may lie about the



    Warm up motor to operating temp.

    Fit new B8ES plug, ride WOT through the gears and hold WOT in 5th or 6th gear for 10 seconds, or as long as you can safely.

    Switch off the motor and pull in the clutch, apply brakes to come to a stop quickly.

    Take the plug out and replace the old one for the ride home.

    Carefully cut the threaded end off the plug to expose the insulator.

    There should be a smoke ring of a cardboard or biscuit colour around the insulator.

    If it is non existant or a very light colour, you are lean and require a larger main jet.

    If it is a lot darker you are rich and may go down a size in main.

    I prefer to run a little on the darker side, I may loose a little power but it is worth it for the peace of mind that I won't need a rebuild so soon.

    You have to get up a reasonable speed so that you can get the motor to pull strongly.

    Then hold it Wide Open Throttle (WOT) for 10 secs or as long as you can.

    The idea is not to get speed but to make it pull strong at full throttle to get onto the main jet circuit. I find I can safely do it on a short run by applying the brakes some.