I had a triumph tiger and put 3 screens on it and still didn t solve the wind...

I had a triumph tiger and put 3 screens on it and still didn't solve the wind noise. Don't want to do the same with the Tracer so anyone sorted the screen and noise levels yet. Recommend a screen.

  • TBH the only screen i have ever found to make the wind and noise disappear, was on a mates Pan European .... and i didn`t like it

    I am however waiting for the Ermax 50cm tinted (wider at the bottom) screen. Will report on it asap

  • Leave the standard on the lowest setting , make sure the little plastic bolts are nipped in tight , and just accept that it's a sit up and beg gonna get wind noise and buffering unless put a massive one on .....

  • I'm not old enough for a Schuberth yet!

  • Hi Richie, found this post on the mt09 forum, did the mod yesterday and found that it did help a bit.

    Tracer non-standard screen adjustment for wind noise

    Hi there

    I'm new to the forum. Just got my new Tracer on the 20th March.

    Have any other owners had wind noise issues?

    I ordered the tall screen as an option.

    I found that it was causing a lot of wind noise even at low speed. If I ducked in behind, it was ok, but wasn't exactly comfortable.

    I put the stock screen back on, but I also found that this was causing some turbulence above 60mph. Adjusting the screen height made little difference.

    I think the screen mount needs an angle adjustment to reduce the turbulence.

    So I got some longer bolts for the bottom 2 mount points and inserted some rubber washers between the screen and those mounts.

    It's made a considerable improvement. Much less wind noise above 60mph. It seems to be channeling the air better.

    Think it might also improve the tall screen, but yet to test.

  • I do like flip up lids , mine has seen better days so in the market for a new one ....

  • If its just the wind noise,get yerself a set of custom made ear plugs made £130 for 2 pairs,cheaper and better for your hearing in the long run than buying various screens chasing a quietness that you'll probably never find on a tall bike.

    I put on the Ermax sport screen,its a bit smaller but looks way better and ive noticed no difference in the wind noise at 'making progress' speeds- I finaly tested it on the motorway last weekend and it got louder when I crouched over the tank,which is where other people find it quieter !!

    If someone else rode my bike they might find it really noisey when I find it fine,its a personal thing and I truly dont believe theres a universal fix for it.my old Fazer was just as noisey so Ive put it down to having a loud lid,which is why im having the ear plugs made. Imho obviously :-)

    Its either that or im going mutton. I SAID,ITS EITHER THAT...............

  • Steve Pilgrim, I had the FZ1 and FZ6, both as noisy as feck regardless what screen was fitted. I took the screen off for a 20 mile ride, it was near silent.