I have a 16 YZ250X I wanna put a light bar on it I understand they have a...


I have a 16 YZ250X. I wanna put a light bar on it. I understand they have a rechargeable one. But what about wire ins? What would I need to do or know??? Thx

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  • Contact Tom Slover at task racing

  • They have a lifgting stator, dont they? Should be able to run anything within limits.

  • I second task racing^

  • I'll be getting one on my crf450rx

  • I meant, I thought the X comes with lighting?

  • No they don't. Not in the US.

  • Yea the ones in the States don't. But over seas. Is a different model X and not the WR 250 2 stroke. It comes with also. My guess is I can find out what stator that uses and go from there. It's the same motor except the transmission. The X has a wider 4th and 5th and WR has a even wider one.

  • steahly offroad. get a stator from them and a voltage regulator. http://www.steahlyoffroad.com/lighting/lighting-co ils/yamaha-lighting-coils/yamaha-yz-250-99-09-ligh ting-stator.html Got one for my 96 YZ250 and now I have headlight and tail/brakelight setup.

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