I have a 2003 YZ250 It is a bitch to put into 1st It hits neutral I have to...


I have a 2003 YZ250. It is a bitch to put into 1st. It hits neutral. I have to double tap to make sure it goes while riding. The clutch basket is smooth, has new clutch plates, the shift detent is ok & new cable. Any ideas?

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  • Selector forks

  • Conor Mc Laughlin what about them? They just wear out? if I tear into the transmission, will I see obvious wear?

  • Wouldnt help if weared would make it hard to get gears.

  • yep

  • Everything shifts fine except going down to first. If the shift fork is worn, would that make all gears hard to find?

  • I had a problem this weekend the little arm that hold the shift drum into gear came loose. If it were me I would get your motor apart like brian"s pic and take that little arm off that holds it in gear have the bike in the air spin the back tire and start spinning the drum through the gears.see if it goes through smoothly.You might to have somebody hold to where the clutch slips on the shift ti give the motor a little tention seems to help.

  • You can do all of that without removing the engine

  • Good

  • Shafts ok but you not said if shift forks or the gears them selfs are ok

  • My yz had a similar issue and when I opened the engine it turned out the shaft that the gear lever sits on was slightly bent, got a new one and have had no problem since