I have a blaster and today I let a buddy ride it when we went riding and the...


I have a blaster and today I let a buddy ride it when we went riding and the back tires locked up and the kicker was locked up and we got it to run it sounded like crap and wouldn't idle then it did it again and we couldn't get it to do anything but go into neutral what could it be ??

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  • I bet this is your problem

  • Broken piston, or lower rod bearing blew apart

  • Mine broke exactly like that then dropped the piece under the crank and busted a hole inside the crankcase

  • Raven Nevermore damn I got lucky it all went out the exhaust for me I had some small pieces that went into the case but I took a strong vacuum and mad a line to fit in the case and sucked it all out

  • I got the hole welded up and back together, had the cylinder honed out, went back with a Vito's piston and gasket set

  • Kyle Tucker there will be bits of silica still in the crankcase and in the bearings.

    It would pay to split the cases and clean or replace the bearings.

  • Both even. lol

  • Haha right

  • Yeah, that crap was in everything! Since mine punched a hole into the trans, I have shavings in everything

  • I'm sure it's fine it's bin running every weekend for the last six months now I got it all out I know I did I was told to split the case but the vacuum i used literally I could see it pull all the fine stuff out the case looked nice and shiny when I was done I'm sure if there was any left the bottom end would of shot shit already trust me on that and if it does I have a replacement on stand by already

  • You will hear a thousand people give you a Facebook diag. and it wont make a difference. Give your motor to someone that repairs and rebuilds them. If you have to ask this question then you will not be capable of fixing it. Dont let everyone spin you like a top!

  • Asking here is just fine Dion Braud. When something has happened to your machine and you don't know the answer, you can resolve it yourself 95% of the time with the help of this blaster community. We have very knowledgeable & helpful members. Misinformation is sometimes given but is closely monitored and corrected in this group. You may even learn a few things yourself if willing. It's the reason this group exists. Enjoy.

  • I'm sure the majority of these "professionals" were shade tree mechanics first. I had a teacher that told us every day that the only stupid question is the one you don't ask. It's apparent that most of us enjoy working on our bikes ourselves and some are just as good at it as the "professional"

  • Yeah if I listened to the advise I get at local shops from so called professionals my engine would be a paper weight by now lol. Always best to diagnose it yourself if possible in my opinion and just use the shops for the things you don't have the tools for. And even then Im picky about my shop cuz they'll fuck your shit all up, all while charging you a premium rate.

  • Mine went exactly like this last year had to repair casings, prior to this anyone could ride my blaster now only a select few who know how to ride, piston pops can shear into little bits that end up inside the bearings, you only need a little bit inside your bearings for it to start a bigger problem if your piston pops like that you really should put new bearings all on bottom end

  • Chris Eldridge I wasn't trying to sound to harsh and agree with you. I just hate to see the young learning mind get misinformed and encouraged to make bad decisions because some uneducated folks practice bad habbits. I once was that kid that thought he knew what he was doing but learned slowly from the well educated. There was no internet were dozens of people jumped to give there opinions on whats wrong and have to guess whos right and whos wrong. I studied and schooled myself to death and asked the guestions to the right people and got the right answers. I think these groups are great for helping people out. I just wish the folks that are giving advise based on assumptions and true lack of knowledge would just slow down because now when a knowledgeble individua(and there are bunch) tries to give a opinion that person has to explain into detail why they are correct and the other not. Alot of people these days are cheap and the cheapest solutions are what their ears are tuned to hear. Once someone gives that cheap shortcut ignorant advise its almost impossible for someone like myself to come along and spit real knowledge and explain in detail whats wrong. At that point they realize they need to do more and spend more money to "FIX" the problem "Right" and now myself or whomever looks like the expensive bad guy. Bad enough I have to compete with the Chinese piece of shit engine part market thats blowing up motors across America because someone was given that bullshit advise and or "Didn't want to pay alot to rebuild my OEM"! All Im saying is if your really not sure on your advise then please keep it to yourselfs. Thanks!

  • Absolutely Dion. I agree 100% with that and is why it is actually a rule here to not try and help with an issue unless you know what you're talking about. In example I really can't stand when you see a post like "exhaust smokes really bad. What's wrong?" and you see 12 people said reeds, 3 said spark plug and 5 said tire pressure. Meanwhile Im just one small voice in the crowd saying possibly crank seals or jetting. Perform a leak test and plug chop. So, If you don't know, tag someone who does. That's not to say you can't take a guess based on the information given. In many cases, such as this one, that's the best you can do until the top end gets pulled off. But now he knows a list of possible causes and that he needs to pull it apart to confirm which it is. Then he can be directed to an engine builder like yourself to have the necessary work done. If not for these in group diagnoses, builders like yourself would actually lose business due to people not having a clue where to start or how much it will cost and just scrapping it. This way they can locate the problem, order the right parts (how many people u think buy 66mm pistons just because they have a stock blaster or a Chinese top end kit without atleast knowing the dangers and precautions such as chamfering the ports), find out who can fix it right, for how much and get back in the saddle again asap.

    Even basic tuning and jetting advice is extremely helpful and isn't something you can rely on a builder for. It makes the difference weather your engine lasts a few hours or a few years and how it performs in that time.

    Your input and input from other knowledgeable builders is always very much appreciated though and I respect your opinions and years of experience. I'm glad we have people like yourself in this group for that very reason. Personally I'm just a part changer with above average knowledge and I can diagnose most issues online within minutes but when it gets more complicated and it's time for a builder to step in it's good to be able to tag you guys.

    As for this post, I don't feel any of the advice given was out of line but I am going to make an effort to further minimize misinformation and start deleting comments that are for a fact false diagnoses in order to prevent damages and/or injury.

  • Thanks Chris Eldridge and sorry for making you type so much! LOL!

  • Lol no problem. Trump isn't the only one who can build a wall. I just use text.

  • Georgy Georgenson the bottom end I have that this happened to is almost toast any way when I got it the guy before me did something to it and welded some gears in it so I never been a fan of this case anyway I've just been waiting for it to go so I can put the one I rebuilt in but you know what they say if it's not broke don't fix it I mean I got a brand-new lower in on standby so that's why I really not too worried about this bottom end but I would think literally if I didn't get it all out it would've gone to shit by now either way I'm not worried about it man I appreciate the input . I'm just waiting for it to go so I can use a brand-new lower end and then I can rebuild it once it goes

  • It's like the old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink”. Personally, I've posted 100 videos, answered thousands of questions on forums, responded to more emails than I care to remember, answer my phone at all hours of the night, and done everything I can imagine to make good information available. Some people just don't want to hear it. I've seen a hundred cylinders roll through this shop with paper base gaskets that were sucked into the transfer ports. I'm pretty sure I dropped the dime on that fiasco seven years ago but people still run them. I did a very open minded study of the Chinese cylinders and posted my findings. Basically, they're junk. I know it, the company that manufactures them knows it, and many of the people that buy them know it. I'm not going to continuously repeat myself and get into it with someone who claims “I bought three of them and they're great”. I'm not going to argue with anyone about anything. Blaster riders come in three flavors.

    1. People that just want to put a band-aid on a problem and ride.

    2. People that want to do research, ask questions and do it right.

    3. People that are infatuated with these machines and want the best of everything.

    I cater to # 2 and #3. If #1 spent a little time learning from others, they would fall into #2 and #3. People are going to do what they want to do Dion. All we can do is offer the best advice we can give them. I look at it like this. We're going to be rebuilding every aftermarket cylinder out there sooner or later.

  • Very well put Ken if there's #4 group that would be me lol

  • Joshua Hickey #4 Guys that want to set a world record.

  • Yes sir l will not stop till I have it bike went best of 4.59 last year and was just figuring out the clutch figuring out the clutch set up

  • And then this happened bolt came loose on lockout and sheared off inner hub

  • That's fast as hell Boss.

  • Glue those suckers.

  • Forgot to locktite lesson learned

  • Thanks

  • might as well be both he should split the case anyways..

  • Your 100%RIGHT Ken! Thanks for writing this. Sometimes it feels good to here it from someone in my corner!

  • Blown up