• I have a noob question for y all I m pretty sure my bike needs new front rotors...

    I have a noob question for y'all, I'm pretty sure my bike needs new front rotors, I put in new pads about 3k miles ago. How hard is it to do a rotor change and possibly installing stainless steel brake lines? Or is it best if I just get it done at a shop?

    • There are videos on YouTube that show how to do it. I suggest you watch a couple of those and then assess the situation yourself. We don't know what kind of working area,tools, skills, patience, etc you may or may NOT have. Considering how important brakes are to not dying on the road I would do the research before anything else.

    • As it's the brakes, and brakes are crucial to stopping I NEVER do my own. This goes for all my vehicles. Your atleast covered by the workshop warranty then.

    • If you have some mechanical knowledge and experience it is not hard, but if in doubt maybe it's best to give the job to a mechanic, but also the best way to learn is to do it your self, do plenty of research and decide for your self if you think you can do it, only advice i can give apart from all the guides you will find is to reverse bleed the brakes, use a syringe to push the fluid up from the caliper.

    • The basics tho is to put the front on a stand, remove the calipers then the front wheel, remove and replace the discs on the wheel, put the wheel back on then the calipers, will probably have to push the pads back as the discs will be thicker, the brake lines you could do before or after the discs but personally i would do them while the calipers are mounted as it will be easier to get the lines in the right spot, once the lines have been changed and every thing is back together bleed the brakes.

    • That just gives you extra incentive to do the job *right*.

    • Brakes lines are easy, it's only a couple bolts to remove the old lines and put new ones on. A vacuum bleeder also helps a lot.

    • Thanks a lot for all the info and input!