I have an 85 tri z runs good running 20 1 gas so it does smoke a bit but I m...

I have an 85 tri z runs good.. running 20 -1 gas so it does smoke a bit but I'm getting a lot of oil out the front by the exhaust it needs a new exhaust gasket but is this from running rich or bad rings cause like I say it seems to run strong

  • May keep everything stock but what's your guess on a rebuild price.....

  • I've never rebuilt a atv engine, I'd say around 200 give or take on top end and maybe around 400 on bottom but that's just a pure guess lol

  • Appreciate that......

  • If it runs strong you don't have any leaks, top or bottom end. Run 44:1 ratio and lean your jetting one step

  • There is a lot of oil spraying out around exhaust and running down front of engine

  • Running too rich. Is it a DG pipe? They never fit right and leak like hell.

  • Check out my page"Yamaha Tri-Z World"

  • Never seen a pipe like that.

  • When I get home I will take better picture