I have been dealing with Ride Center USA exclusively since 2011 They were...


I have been dealing with Ride Center USA exclusively since 2011. They were super great up until last year. They were good about letting me charge parts and even gave me parts after writing 2 jingles for the owner. Last year I decided to go from an atv to a side by side so being a loyal customer I never even bothered with calling another dealer. I talked to the owner Harry Watts and he set me up to talk with Steven Duff about a used Teryx they had. I was told that it had high miles on it but they had rebuilt the top end and that it was perfect and ready to ride so I ended up trading and paying the cash difference on it. When they brought it to me, they no more than got out of sight when it died on me. I called Steve to let him know that it died on me and that I smelled burning oil. Steve advised me that he had took the unit and rode it for a week and said it never gave him a problem and then he put me on the phone with a mechanic. I told the mechanic what it was doing and he advised me that it was just rebuilt and that it would act up a little until it was broke in. From there I decided to give it a chance. Every time I rode it, it would die on me and was using an average of a quart every 15 miles. I also spoke to Harry about it several times. The teryx only had a couple months warranty left on it. Harry would offer to come get the unit but always said it would be next week when the weather permitted or when they were not busy. I checked the thing over multiple times to try to save them the trouble but never could figure it out. Under further digging I found out someone else had purchased the unit only to bring it back days later. When I asked Steve why the other customer had brought it back, he said he couldnt remember. He also told me I could ride the unit up hill in high which turned out to be another lie. Recently I talked to Harry about trading it back in on a new unit and he said to get with Steve so I did and what did I get? I got offered a low ball trade in price and on top of that, they over priced the new ride I wanted. When I complained I got an apology. I then went back to Harry several times trying to get him to make it right and once again I got nothing. I even wrote a song for his wifes birthday last year. I finally asked him to send me a windshield and a set of wheels for the new ride I purchased at another dealer to make up for how dirty I was done and was flat out ignored. The bottom line is I trusted these guys and was loyal and in the end they dumped a used unit on me that never ran right and loved oil. Im not rich and I cant afford to buy a new ride every day and this bunch knew but chose to do me dirty anyway. It set me back thousands of dollars to get a decent ride thanks to the neglect of Ride Center USA of Hazard. Never again will I spend one red cent with them and never again will I send my friends to them. If your looking for a new or used ride , stay away from this dirty bunch!

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  • that is a poor way to treat someone

  • I understand me and my friends tried to do business with them I bought two new machines off them and when I went to get the Viking they was way over priced I don't see how they sell anything the way they treat ppl and as for using oil my friends teryx uses oil to I went to Tommys motor sports in Middlesbrough $3000 cheaper than ride center I hope you the best of luck sorry to hear you was done so dirty