I have been facing screeching noise while applying rear brakes anyone facing a...


I have been facing screeching noise while applying rear brakes..anyone facing a similar problem?? If yes... What is the solution...

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  • yes, the problem has been in my bike since 1 month, still no solution

  • Its because of dust.... After sometime it will be solved... Dont worry

  • it happens when the brake shoes are old.also sound comes when there's friction

  • Ya but my bike got service i said to them now its propr

  • Ajil.... does it get resolved itself?? cause the technicians advised me to take the bike to them nd get the slot where the breaks are held ..... to get it cleaned by sand paper....

  • Raghu, I got my break shoes replaced at the 4th service i.e my last service. has barely been a 1,500 kms since that time....

  • After sometime it will resolved itself... nd cleaning it by sand paper is also right.. Its not a problem if u r irritated by the noise u can approcah the technicans and clean it

  • Namaste Sharma ji!!

    This happens when a layer of water gets trapped between your brake drum and the inner wall of the wheel. This water makes a small layer of rust on the brake pads which leads to this screeccchh...!! Sound while braking..

    Brake hard at moderate speeds. The heat and friction rubs off the rust after doing this for 4 5 times.

    Do this and you will be good to go rider!! :-)

  • Its because of dust i to have similar problem...

  • hmm. that looks like a good solution Babu moshaye!!!! :P I would surely try that today... tumne kar rkha hai aise try ka?? and moderate speed bole toh anywhere in 20-30 kms/hr speed frame???

  • Hahaha!! Yes after I wash my bike I too have the same problem..

    Are yaar aur thoda bhagao.. 50 60kmph

  • hahaha...you call that moderate!!! woww..yeah bro.. suredo.. I will make a note of it... and I hope u r doing well.... ;)

  • Sasura abhi yehi moderate hain.. shadi hone ke baad ye high speed hogi!! Roflmaf

  • lol... Shaadi????? :o bhai... kya chahta hai??? :P

  • Naukri milne de yaar!! Wanna upgrade to Kawasaki ninja 650 or Kawasaki verysys and travel the world

  • saala yahan apne city ka nai pta u talking of the world!!! I will begin this thing next month!!!

  • Accha hain.. video banake share kariyo..

    Btw tum mere YouTube channel me subscribed ho? Nahi ho to subscribe karlo.. waise bhi free hi to hain

  • Will suredo that next month bro... exams coming up... Will do it as soon as I get free from exams...

  • Check ur break plates...

  • respect bro.... amazing... the jugaad worked!!! thanks.... ;)

  • Welcome dude