I have been riding now for about 6 years I had open heart valve replacement...


I have been riding now for about 6 years. I had open heart valve replacement beginning of April and just now am released to drive a car, but doc is saying another 8 weeks before I can ride. Well, that blows my spring trip. The fall trip should be on if I can manage to get back to work and stop the financial bleeding not having any income since the 1st of the year. I am 59, single in Iowa and I would really like to meet up with other riders in the area to ride with, of the female gender would be prefered but I'm ok riding with guys as well. If anyone has any trips scheduled in this area any time after July would like to hear about it, or if anyone is interested I will be planning a fall trip that will either cover the northwestern down through ca and back home (Thinking this is gonna be about a 3-4 week trip). Or, a south eastern trip to cover the lower southeastern states, more like a 2-3 week trip. If interested in the full ride or just join up for part of it, let me know and I'll give you my preliminary plans.

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