I have heard that any lights that I hook up to this switch will go out when I...


I have heard that any lights that I hook up to this switch will go out when I hit my high beams... How do I keep that from happening?

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  • Ground the black wire to the bike and not with the connector. I hooked up driving lights and grounded them to the screw at the far back of the headlight bucket. Some have grounded to the forks or mounting brackets.

  • mine dont go out when i go to high beam anymore they used to before i put the cyclops light in now they stay on with the high beam

  • Thanks I'll be hooking up the neons tomorrow ...

  • That switch only has power after the bike is started. Best to hook LEDs straight to battery with a hidden kill switch so the bikes lights aren't on draining the battery. You'd look pretty stupid when your bike won't start because the key is on and the bikes lights were on the whole time and drained the battery.

  • yeah I'm not planning on leaving it sit with the ignition on

  • There's a plug identical the the one in the headlight housing under the seat. Perfect use.

  • In the state of tn it's a no no to hook led lights to that switch..they have to be on there own separate switch and that will get u a ticket if the cops an ass

  • What does it matter what switch it is Don?

  • Has to be by law an independent switch not connected anyway to the bikes lights per tn state law.

  • Don't know why other than they may think it could short your headlight out and cause an accident. Hell I don't know...probably In all reality just a money thing