I have liked my 210 Tire but keep hearing riders claim to like the 240 tires...

I have liked my 210 Tire, but keep hearing riders claim, to like the 240 tires handling, and that it corrects the speedo error. I'm close to needing a new rear tire and laid away a 240 michelin commander 2. But noticed many riders seem to be purchasing the 240 avon. will the Michelin create unanticipated issues?

  • Both are good tires. From what i read, the Michelin will last longer, but just a touch less grip. I was between the two, but bought the avon. Either way, you'll be happy with the 240.

  • It doesn't really make the tire wider rather taller squeezing it in a rim that's rated for a 210

  • It's still a little off on the speedometer. Like 3 miles too fast at 60-70mph. I have a mounted gps so that's why I know

  • I manage to fit a 250 no problem on my stock rim

  • It will fit just makes the wheel taller rather than wider

  • Todd I have a dunlop elite on mine and everybody says they are junk....BULLSHIT!!!!!! IT'S a matter of opinion mines got 6500 miles on it and has plenty of tread corners good but it will raise ya bike up a lil bit ...I love it and will buy another one...165 on amazon

  • Why???? Just to say u have a 250..it's no wider than a 240 because it's pinched down on a 8 1/2 rim..it's damn sure more likely to blow with a hard hit...to each his on i guess

  • It is wider, not much because it's not a huge jump but once I'm back in the US I'll take a pic of it and post a side by side comparison

  • I've had this discussion before but the 240 will be no taller on a 7.5 rim vs a 8.5 rim. It will be rounder and less wide on the 7.5. The Tire , no matter who the manufacturer is, will be the same height no matter rim width. Reason is , the tire is steel and synthetic manufactured to be factory spec. Meaning it can't or more simply , is impossible to get larger in diameter than what it was made to do...

  • for reference the metz 210 vs the Avon 240 is about an inch of height difference. The 240 will also rob a little power ...

  • Thank you all for your reply s.

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  • I get 10-12k out of avon, got a little over 10 with the michelin, and a 240 is wider and taller than the metz 210