I have some parts that I need to get rid off. Make offer on anything you need

I have some parts that I need to get rid off. Make offer on anything you need. I can get pictures if you want.

Two sets of black no name handlebars with grips. Not bent

225DX or 225DR black tank plastics. No cracks, in good shape

200 forks, leak some oil but are straight. Comes with fork boots

200 tank plastic, a little rough but can be sanded. Not cracked

200 67mm Standard set of piston rims new

225dx wiring harness not cut

200 chain dash (no key or nuetral light hole)

2 225dx or 200 chain rims. 3x100 bolt pattern edges bent but not the rim itself.

2 200e rims, painted gold, still good rims 4x125 bolt pattern

5 or so Stock headlight housings

225 DX Or DR rear fenders. No cracks but holes drilled for a rear rack.

225dx or chain 200 hubs 3x100

200e hubs 4x125

225 CDI and voltage regulator. No idea if they work so I'd sell cheap.

225dx front hub

Timberwolf stator cover, inner and outer clutch cover. Same as the Tri motos just bare aluminum color

I'd like to keep these parts but I really don't need them. My cabinet is full and I need to get rid of some parts.

  • Got pics of rear fenders for dx? What would shipping cost to 14025 on them too. Thanks.

  • And do you have a sprocket holder for the front sprocket on a 200k chain drive ?

  • What about the black tank plastics for the dx? And shipping.

  • Can you take pics of the voltage reg and the gold rear wheels please

  • Carb intake? Headlight assembly?

  • Daren Reis I do not. Sorry

  • 200e throttle?

  • Tank plastic price?

  • $120 shipped

  • How much for the 225dx wire harness shipped