I haven t seen anything like this on the market and I m no engineer so


I haven't seen anything like this on the market and I'm no engineer so...

You know how the Audi has scrolling indicators? I want to do the same on the bike. For the bike, I'm thinking one bar across the top of the numberplate, once tidied away a bit further under the seat. Can't be too wide, as I have Shad panniers to fit from time to time.

On the front, really not sure but following the line of the lights or incorporating with the brush guards...

Anyone seen anything? Anyone point me in the direction of a suitable electronics engineer?


Carl.< /p>

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  • Best off just steal one off a A4 or Q7. You need the indicator and probably a canbus light controller.

  • Google sweeping led , there is plenty out there ....

  • A few years ago I was thinking that if you put a pressure sensor on the brake pedal of a car you could increase the number of brake lights you displayed. Small central, just touching the brakes. Emergency stop, whole of the back of the car lights up. I remember the Cit C5 used to flash the hazards when the abs came on.

  • Video at the bottom of page.

  • I posted this a month ago. Theyre like 250 euro. :D

  • Ooh that's cool. Step away from the buy button...

  • Alot of cars can flash hazards when abs is activated. You can turn it on most VAG cars with their diagnostic software, vcds.

  • How much?! Plenty food for thought - thank you!

  • I like that! What would I match with the front?

  • £90

  • Like!

  • Not sure that's legal for the UK - can't be doing with changing back once the MOT is due...