• I installed my cobra fi2000r today sorry no pics I was pressed for time and way...

    I installed my cobra fi2000r today, sorry no pics, I was pressed for time and way too impatient for that. Long story short I have a significant gain in horsepower and throttle response. Also it all but eliminated the back firing. I'm confident with further tuning it will be an epic triumph! I found it for 160 online which is half the price of other comparable fuel contollers. It's an easy concept for the installation, yet is difficult do to the tight quarters of all the hoses and connections underneath the tank. It would be easier to completely remove the tank but then you have to disconnect everything in relation to the tank. I just propped it up after loosening the lower tank bolt and wrestled the connections in via ninja fingers. Several bloody knuckles needless to say. Great price, great results with a little bit of elbow grease of course. I highly recommend this product!

    • Yeah hookin up the injectors are a good time huh lol

    • Pain in the fucking arse!!!

    • But well worth it

    • Indeed!

    • Yep that the one I want. I can still use this with v&h filter and exhaust ?

    • Yes

    • Yes Lisa that's the beauty if it! You can tune your ride for any changes you make to the intake and exhaust. And if you switch things up again you can tune it once again accordingly. Such a great value on this product! Just a little leg work to tune it but we'll worth it and with experience it doesn't take much to tune or re-tune the fuel controller.:)

    • Awesome thanks Drew. Got the exhaust. Getting vo2 filter and then the fuelpak. Xx

    • I'm about to order the fi2000r. Gonna build my intake myself and make a custom exhaust using a SuperTrapp exhaust slip on

    • I'm running the VH slip on and modified the stock intake. Installed a k&n air filter and opened up the scoop on the stock air cleaner cover... it's working like a champ. You can actually clearly hear it sucking air... only cost 50 for the air filter and now is a high performance intake... yup! ;-)