I just baught a 04 YZ250 and was told it has a 450F gearset Problem is that...

I just baught a 04 YZ250, and was told it has a 450F gearset. Problem is that pops in and out of first gear...mostly pops out, especially under load. The rest of the gears are perfect and shifts smoothly. Any ideas?

  • Yep. Just what everyone else said. I just had to split the lower case and do it myself. Make sure that they used a whole gear set and not just certain gears from that 450

  • Damn.. all bad. Thanks for your help guys.

  • Anyone know the book time on a job like this so I know what Im getting myself into?

  • This is what I used to do mine.

  • Thanks Jeff. I appreciate your help. Nice Fox btw. I have a 93 CHP w/ a 408 and full Griggs chassis

  • take your time plan a weekend. Lay the tranny parts in a row on a clean table. tag parts if necessary.

  • Your welcome. It sounds like you have a nice Fox yourself!

  • Where did you get your gearset from?

  • Ebay! I paid about $300 for a complete gear set with shift forks. My forks plus 2 gears had problems on them.

  • Any recommendations in upgrades like. 450f or YZ250x

  • I just have a standard set. I think some guys play with different gearing depending on what they are doing on the bike.

  • David James Eugene Bailey

  • I know you can use the wr400/426 gears to make it a wider range box if that's your thing

  • Been watching this for a few days lol doing bearings on my 01 yz250, just waiting on my tusk tools to get here

  • Nice. I used the videos from them to help me along with my bottom end. Everything turned out great! Good luck.