• I just installed a HID conversion kit I went for a drive but the bike is not...

    I just installed a HID conversion kit, I went for a drive, but the bike is not putting enough power out for the HID. i have the relay harness to install, But i have a question. Is the light reduce relay the same as the Hi/lo relay? I have 2003 cstar classic.

    Thanks for the help


    • I used this one, it was a simple plug and play, but for some reasonwhen driving it dims out unless the throttles down.

    • OPT7® H4 Hi-Lo Bolt Slim AC 55w Motorcycle Xenon HID Kit - 6000K Lightning Blue Plug-n-Play (Single Headlight)

    • Sounds like a ground issue.

    • i was going to install the relay that came with, and see if that works, but it says to install to the H/L controler, but i am not sure if that is same as the light reduce relay

    • Uhhhh. That isn't a plug and play system. A plug and play light just plugs into the headlamp wire, that's it.

    • May be time to test your stator and rectifier

    • thanks i will take a look at that

    • the system is charging at 14.15 so i'm good there. going to run the relay. i'll let you know

    • so after all the testing, I believe the ballast is bad, it works great for a few minutes, then the light starts going on and off. time to contact the seller

    • So after going through everything, I have traced the flickering to a bad ground on a USB charger I installed. I fixed that and all my issues went away. I was amazed the ground caused this. Thanks for everyones thoughts!