I know it might be a bit late since I already bout the exhaust but do you NEED...

I know it might be a bit late since I already bout the exhaust, but do you NEED a controller with the v&h slip on? I'm reading an even amount of yes and no

  • I was told not unless you get an intake but I still put one on with my slip on.

  • No the Ecu will adjust you'll have quite a bit of popping at first but it will adjust and it's fine but anythin more and you'll need one

  • Lol slowly but surely my friend. Can't dump a paycheck alone on 3 things when I just got married and have bills to pay. It'll happen though

  • That's why I'm waiting to get an intake. Married, bought a house, and have a baby on the way.

  • If you are looking for parts. There is a star bolt forum with a classifieds section. That's where I got my exhaust and fuel controller from. I got a $600 setup for about $225

  • Lol already on that forum.

  • Fair enough. I'm either waiting for my accountant (wife) to let me get an intake or find one on there and convince her to let me get it cheaper.

  • lol @ the married stuff. Getting married this April and am looking at a home equity loan for some home improvements. But I keeping thinking bike mods lol

  • In most cases you do not need a fuel controller with a slipon exhaust. However Yamaha has the Bolt (all of their bikes actually) set up so lean in stock form that it actually could use a fuel controller even with the stock intake and exhaust. A Cobra Fi2000R is $200 well spent.

  • That'll be the next big purchase