i know people talk about this all the time but anyone with a 2014 done the r6...

i know people talk about this all the time but anyone with a 2014 done the r6 header conversion with the slip on option, please only if you've done it before i would really like someone helpful

  • I bought a 02 header an a m4 slip on for my 16 , took theold header off , it just droped with a tug after i got the bolts out , r6 header was very easy to install it bolted right up an then i threw the slip on on an pre wrapped my headers before i put them on an some people recomend bending the r6 header just a lil to get it off the oil pan..

  • Was the m4 the black steel slip on

  • Was it a short pipe what year was the slip on for did it stick out and was there any welding involved, would you recommend m4 over 2 brothers?

  • Sorry man I wanna know before I spend my money and realise I fucked up

  • 06 slip on for r6 an the m4 was black an no welding put on with a clamp outta the box an it sits under youre rear break with a lil scrub dosent effect breaking an two bros i have no experince with only info so i cant truely recomend it over that but m4 slip on is 260$ an two bros is 399$ an up an full systems are 750$ and up but i enjoy man an performance is amazing.

  • so you did it all your self no problems

  • did u put a pc5 and tune

  • I've gone 2 bros on a different bike and then went a rip off ebay one afterwards couldn't close to compare

  • 2 bros are expensive for a reason

  • thanks man I'm gonna search for headers seems all decent ones are in us too expensive to ship to us

  • to shit to aus*

  • Yep took like 40 minutes an nope pc5 comes december it rides with a zx6r an a 999r corsa until high speed so it dosent effect the motor to bad.

  • No problem man

  • show me this bike what else have u done to it?

  • 02 headers 30$ and new Coffman's slip 200$

  • I did it you have to bend the headers a lot

  • I customized mine a little with my stock ones to

  • I cut my stock ones off at the collectors and took the r6 ones cut just the collectors off and slipped the over my stock headers where I cut and I laid the collectors flat so the wouldn't hit then took the slip on part of the r6 headers I cut off and took a torch and bent the to barely just to match back up to collectors then took the r6 piece that came with my two brothers and cut and fit it to fit where I liked it

  • I did pc5 and it helped a lot with my two bros and k&n filter

  • Cause on my bike when I tryed bolting the headers up they completely touched my oil pan and required a lot of bending

  • Is there any extensions to add for 02 pipes to a 2006 exaust I seen one for 100$ don't need big names

  • I thought of this with bending is it possible to bolt up put a metal bar in the exaust end and stand on the bar to bend it down?

  • I wouldnt