I know some of y all said pennziol 2 cycle oil was crap so I upgraded How is...


I know some of y'all said pennziol 2-cycle oil was crap so I upgraded. How is this stuff?

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  • Hi Phil, it's true that you can make your 2T bike smoke "just a bit" to almost "nil" amount. It all depends on how clean you jet yours ;)

  • My kx500 she don't smoke much with motul 800 , 40:1 , but not smokeless

  • ....and how well your combustion chamber achieves the "right" ignition-combustion temp to burn your premix fuel (gasoline, 2T and air). Not enough heat generated = more smoke. Right amount of generated hear = almost smokeless to smokeless.

    Just watch the pros after they warm-up well their bikes Phil Collins. Reed's premix was even at 28.5 : 1 with Yamalube. His bike is of course modified and they maintain squish clearance somewhere in the order of just 1.0mm, so expect that their bikes are leaned-out ;)

    Is there any chance that you're Phil Collins the artist LOL! :D

  • What's your opinions on putoline mx5 2 stroke oil ??

  • Maxima caster 927 only all other are crap

  • When i still had the DT125, this the oil it was using.

  • For the YZ125, experimented with lots of oil, to include even Repsol Moto Competicion 2T, Redline, Castrol Power 1 2T, Maxima K2 etc but got pretty much stuck with Motul 710 2T for no reason other than availability.

  • Now for the YZ250, tried Maxima K2, Castrol TTS, Motorex Crosspower 2T, and Motul 800 2T Factory Offroad Line. i chose the French-made ester oil since. Love how thick it is for whatever gasoline i've used from 95 octane to 100 octane RON

  • Bel ray

  • castrol power 1 racing 2t