• I know the laws are different in every state but wanted to get some opinions...

    I know the laws are different in every state but wanted to get some opinions/feedback from the group. Do you or can you ride while somebody is sitting on the rear swim/seat area? We have a 5 year old and it's the perfect place to watch her and help her get up on the kneeboard and such.

    • Dave, yeah it does matter if the police say it's illegal. I definitely would not do it. I stay on their good side and don't act a fool out there. Now if they say it is OK, doubtful, would I still do it? Maybe but only me and only to get my daughter started on the kneeboard and then hop in the boat.

    • Maybe I am not understanding something then.... Surely you are not putting your little daughter in right off the back of the boat with the engines on, are you? Who cares if it is legal or not? The manufacturer says it is dangerous. Treat the jets as if they were propellers. I am not trying to be a dick; I really don't care about adults doing things that could injure themselves...But, I could tell you care a lot about your daughter, and being a new owner, and not knowing all the ins and outs yet, I would hate to see the little one get hurt.

    • Dave, she's put on the kneeboard and stabilized and once she has her balance she's pushed back and then the engines started and put in idle.

    • The main reason i wanted to sit back there was her comfort level and I could keep tension on the rope and it lifted to keep the front of the board out of the water. And if she really freaks out I could get to her in a hurry

    • It sounds like you have the best of intentions and exercise great care. Happy boating!

    • Ahhh now I see...cool. See..I misunderstood. Just be careful, and make sure you push her back enough I knew you couldn't be doing what it sounded like. :) I am huge on safety, so if you ever have questions, feel free to ask.

    • In New Jersey it is absolutely against the law. It is also very dangerous to be that close to the jet nozzle. The stream of water can and will enter the body and cause much damage. Get a side bar for learner. Happy boating.

    • What is a side bar?

    • Dangerous. don't do it!!! ( a mom) :)

    • The side bar is mounted to the side of a boat and has a handle and is used to teach people to water ski, wake board, etc.